Neighbourhood Plan meeting – 19th October

“On 19 October the Ide Neighbourhood Planning working group held a lunchtime meeting in Smallridge House, Ide to consider the village’s response to the Church Commissioners’ indicative plans for development at Pynes Farm Yard.  Matthew Naylor from the Church Commissioners and Jonathan Hoban of Deloittes joined the group, at the Parish Council’s invitation, to discuss the feedback from the village meeting on 8 September.  The overall message from the village was that the community is likely to support in principle some residential development of Pynes Farm, given its proximity to the village and its current poor state of repair. However, the community would wish to see fewer than 13 units built, more generous parking provision, a mix of different sized houses, built as far as possible in a barn style to match the existing stone buildings; and a positive response from the Church Commissioners to approaches from the community in its search for more public open space and recreational facilities.

To start with, we heard from some people who are involved with sport,  gardening and child care in  the village about the current lack of  long term assured facilities for  public open  space for recreation,  children’s playground, sports pitches and courts,  safe  cycling paths, and garden allotments; The Church Commissioners were told about the village’s ambitions for the  use of  Weir Meadow for recreation, play and sport, and the Victorian Orchard opposite Pynes Farm for a  public access community  orchard.  In the second part of the meeting, the working group discussed with the Church Commissioners’ team the possible ways (and the pros, cons and likely implications of each) for us to treat Pynes Farm Yard, Weir Meadow and the Orchard in the Neighbourhood Plan. We went on to discuss how the church might respond to an approach from the community to acquire control or ownership of Weir Meadow, and to gain public access to the Orchard. We plan to meet again after further work.”

Nick Bradley