Balls Farm Road

Traffic restrictions around the Twisted Oak

It’s great that we live surrounded by countryside, with dark skies and yet we are an easy walk or cycle from the city centre facilities via Little John’s Cross Hill, or Balls Farm Road. This is a rare privilege.

These beautiful walking cycling and riding routes are protected by traffic restrictions however there seems to be some confusion over the signs at the entrance to Doctors Walk. Ide Parish Council have discussed this with the police and confirm the restrictions are as follows.

at the entrance to Doctors Walk signs show
No Motor vehicles 7am – 9.30 am Mon-Fri
No vehicles over 7.5T except for access.
Access restricted 290 yards ahead.

Road sign

Just past the entrance to Doctors Walk, before the twisted oak, where the road narrows, we have
30 mph speed limit
No motor vehicles except for access [at any time]

Road sign

all other vehicle routes accessing this area have 
No motor vehicles except for access [at any time]

Road signRoad sign

All the restriction signs are present and visible.

Highways recently informed us that where there is no pavement (for example on Balls farm Road) all road users have equal rights and there is no requirement for any group of road users including pedestrians to give way to any other.

On a single track road, allowing following traffic to overtake is a courtesy and not a duty.

Doesn’t that sign mean “beware of low flying motorbikes� No. It means No motor vehicles.

It is ok to use these roads if you are walking cycling or riding a horse.

It is fine as residents or visitors to drive to the Twisted Oak or other properties on those roads, as long as we don’t enter through Doctors Walk between 7am and 9:30 am Monday to Friday.

West Exe School is outside this access restriction so we are not allowed to use Balls Farm road as a shortcut to drive to West Exe School. You may be stopped by the police and fined.

Is it OK if you enter Doctors walk after 9:30 am? No. The sign reads “Access restricted 290 yards ahead†and then “No motor vehicles except for access†(with no time limits).

It is illegal at any time to use these routes as a shortcut to when driving elsewhere in Exeter. You may be stopped by the police and fined.