The meeting will be held in public by making it available on Skype. Members of the public can speak within the first 10 minutes of thw meeting along the same lines as when the Council meets in person. Any resident wishing to speak or follow the meeting should contact the Clerk or the Chair by telephone or email any time between the publication of this notice and 7.00pm on 20 April 2020 for instructions how to join. But if possible, members of the public should contact one of us at least 24 hours before the meeting to make sure you can make the Skype connection.

CONTACTS ARE:- CLERK Mel Liversage 01392 259024; CHAIR Nick Bradley 01392 420616


Ide virtual shop

Volunteers are working hard to make sure that no one in ide village is unable to get basic supplies during this crisis.
If you are asking Ide angels to help with shopping, over the telephone, you can use

On this page you can see pictures of the shelves to remind you of the normal stock. The pictures are not updated, and not all items will be available right now. Ide shop is not offering an online or delivery service, this is simply to help people working with Ide Angels.
Sorry this first version looks a bit rough, but it is an emergency and we are keen to get it out.
Andy Swain

Ide Angels

We recognise that this is a very difficult time for all and as a community we want to make sure that everyone is cared for.  

In response to the Covid 19 crisis, a small working group with representatives from different sections of our community, led by the Parish Council, met up with the primary objective of ensuring help and support is available for everyone – especially those who may be vulnerable or might be self isolating.
Ide Parish Council are now working in partnership with our Ide Community Shop and Ide Angels – a volunteer group led by the brilliant Sophie Caunter, who has recruited volunteers through social media and her network of friends and neighbours. We have had a fantastic response to the request for helpers and now have about 30 volunteers who are already providing support to local residents. 
At the moment we are ensuring people have help with their grocery shopping and errands, but we’re open to supporting you further as the need arises.
We’ll be distributing flyers through the village with details of this service and how to access it.
If you need groceries you can phone the Ide Community shop directly on 01392 410035. Orders,  payment and delivery time can now be arranged and made over the phone. Our amazing shop has been working incredibly hard with suppliers to ensure we are well stocked!
Or alternatively you can send your request through to our dedicated email account and an Ide Angel will pick up your request and respond.
For more information or if you wish join our volunteers please contact
Lastly I would like to give a big heartfelt thank you to everyone who has made this possible, by responding so quickly and helping us to put this in place.
Paula Burton Perrett