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Ide Parish Council Website Accessibility Statement Feb 2020



Agar notices 2

agar notices 3

Parish council document


Register of Members Interests:

AGAR certificate of exemption

AGAR  internal audit report

AGAR internal controls certificate

AGAR Accounting statement

AGAR bank reconcilation

AGAR confirmation of dates

AGAR contact details

AGAR  notice of public rights


Notice of conclusion of audit

External auditor certificate

Annual Governance statement 2016/2017

Accounting statements 2016/2017

Variances requiring explanation

Explanation of variances Box 3

Explanation of variances Box 6

Explanation of variances Box 9

Bank reconciliation y/e 31st March 2017

Declaration of Status of published accounts

Internal audit report 2016/2017

Notice of Commencement of the Period for the Exercise of Public Rights 2017

Expenditure over £100 y/e 31st March 2017

Asset register y/e 31st March 2017


Asset register of public land and buildings




2016 1) Annual governance statement

2016 2) Accounting-statements

2016 Audit explanation

2016 Asset increase explanation

2016 Annual Internal audit

2016 External auditor’s notes 1

2016 External auditor’s notes 2

2016 – Notice of conclusion of audit

2016 Payments over £100 y/e 31st March 2016

Councillor responsibilities y/e 31st March 2017


2015 Accounting Statement

2015 Internal Audit

2015 Governance statement

2015 Expenditure over £100

2015 Explanation of variances 1

2015 Explanation of variances 2

2015 Explanation of variances 3

Transparency Code and Standing Orders:

In December 2014, the Department for Communities and Local Government issued the “Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities” (those with annual turnover not exceeding £25,000) to make information available to local people to increase democratic accountability.

The publication of Agendas and Minutes of Parish Council meetings is a requirement of the code.

Standing Orders IPC adopted 25 July 2018

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