Who Are We ?

For a general description of the council’s role and responsibilities see here.

Chair:  Nick Bradley

Vice-Chair: Pete Bishop, Planning Committee chairman

Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer:  Mel Liversage  20 Little Johns Cross Hill EXETER EX2 9PJ Tel 01392 259024


Nick Bradley –  Chair and Allotments Co-ordinator

Pete Bishop – Vice-chairman, Ide Emergency Plan WG, Climate Emergency WG Tree Warden, Play Area

Andy Swain – Website Co-ordinator; Footpath Warden, Climate Emergency WG

Rachel Herbert – Planning Committee; School liaison; Play Area

Mark Thomas – Planning Committee, Tree Warden, PCOWG,  Weir Meadow Working Group

Jessica Paine – Weir Meadow Working Group and Pynes Community Orchard Group

Paula Burton Perrett Emergency Planning Working Group

Planning Committee: Pete Bishop (chair), Rachel Herbert, Mark Thomas

Weir Meadow Working Group: Nick Bradley, Stuart Brooking, (chair) Richard Cloke,Tony Stearman (secretary), Cheryl Haddy, David Howe, Philip Willcock, Doug Bell, Jessica Paine, Richard Cottle. Jessica Paine and Mel Liversage

Pynes Community Orchard Working Group: Peter Cloke (chair), Julian Perrett (secretary), Nick Bradley, Andy Bragg, Richard Sharman, Mark Thomas, Trevor Gardner, Carolyn Tysoe, Phillip Wilcocks, Jessica Paine and Mel Liversage

Ide Emergency Plan Working Group: Paula Burton Perret, Pete Bishop, Dave Black and Ian Campbell

Climate Emergency Working Group: Andy Swain, Pete Bishop