Who Are We ?

For a general description of the council’s role and responsibilities see here.

Chair:  Nick Bradley

Vice-Chair: Pete Bishop, Planning Committee chairman

Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer:  Mel Liversage  20 Little Johns Cross Hill EXETER EX2 9PJ Tel 01392 259024


Nick Bradley –  Chair and Allotments Co-ordinator

Pete Bishop – Vice-chairman, Ide Emergency Plan WG, Climate Emergency WG Tree Warden, Play Area

Andy Swain – Website Co-ordinator; Footpath Warden, Climate Emergency WG

Rachel Herbert – Planning Committee; School liaison; Play Area

Mark Thomas – Planning Committee, Tree Warden, PCOWG,  Weir Meadow Working Group

Jenny Lundh – Memorial Hall Committee

Jessica Paine – Weir Meadow Working Group

Carolyn Tysoe – Pynes Community Orchard Working Group

Paula Burton Perrett

Planning Committee: Pete Bishop (chair), Rachel Herbert, Mark Thomas

Weir Meadow Working Group: Nick Bradley, Stuart Brooking, (chair) Richard Cloke,Tony Stearman (secretary), Cheryl Haddy, Barry Hookins, Philip Willcock, Doug Bell, Jessica Paine, Richard Cottle and Mel Liversage

Pynes Community Orchard Working Group: Peter Cloke (chair), Julian Perrett (secretary), Nick Bradley, Andy Bragg, Richard Sharman, Mark Thomas, Trevor Gardner, Carolyn Tysoe, Phillip Wilcocks and Mel Liversage

Ide Emergency Plan Working Group: Pete Bishop, Dave Black and Ian Campbell

Climate Emergency Working Group: Andy Swain, Jenny Lundh, Pete Bishop