Who Are We ?

For a general description of the council’s role and responsibilities see here.


Chairman:  Nick Bradley

Vice-Chairman: Pete Bishop, Planning Committee chairman

Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer:  Rose Saunders


    John Smart – Memorial Hall Representative
    Barry Hookins – Planning committee member, School & Play Area Liaison
    Chris Bishop – Neighbourhood Plan steering group chairman
    Peter Pattison – Neighbourhood Plan steering group member, Tree Warden
    Sarah Tiley – Planning committee member, Cemetery Administrator
    Andy Swain – Website Co-ordinator, Footpath Warden
    Rachel Herbert – Memorial Hall renovation committee; School liaison
    Nick Bradley – Allotments Co-ordinator

Planning Committee: Pete Bishop (chairman), Barry Hookins, Sarah Tiley


Neighbourhood Plan Steering group: Chris Bishop (chairman), Peter Pattison, & co-opted Sue Cloke, Roger Luscombe


Weir Meadow Working Group: Nick Bradley, Richard Cloke (Chairman), Stuart Brooking, Mark Thomas, Rachel Thomas,Tony Stearman (Secretary), and Doug Bell.  Last meeting was held on 22 June 2017.