The Parish Council Extraordinary Meeting on 5 April 2016

The Parish Council held an Extraordinary Meeting on 5 April 2016 specially to discuss and come to a view on Devon County Council’s planning application, published on 1 March 2016, to build a Park and Ride Scheme at Round Field, Ide.

The meeting was held in public, with 22 people in the audience, comprising residents from Ide and neighbouring villages, and county and district councillors.

At the start of the meeting, Barry Hookins announced that he was stepping down as chairman of the Parish Council after six years of service. He handed over the meeting to Nick Bradley as acting chairman. Nick Bradley thanked Barry for his tireless and loyal service to the village and to the council, and the audience gave the warmest applause of appreciation for all that Barry has contributed.

The meeting kicked off with a session of public questions and comment. Topics included:

  • – what issues in the DCC planning application might yet change following recent representations from residents and councillors at a meeting with the planners ;
  • – how credible were the technical calculations about the traffic and bus flow on the main roundabout
  • – criticisms of the planning consultation process.

The council then debated the merits and weaknesses of the proposed scheme, covering 21 separate issues, which included:

  • – Congestion on the C50 and the Alphington Junction roundabout
  • – Bus, lorry and cycle lanes, and cycle routes
  • – Impact of the car park itself and choice of site
  • – Bus services for residents of Ide.
  • – The utility of the scheme overall
  • – The charge of NIMBYism and what duty we owed to Exeter and those using the Park & Ride
  • – Noise, light and air pollution, and flood risk
  • – The effects on wildlife
  • – Side benefits of C50 speed limit and new roundabout at entrance to village
  • – Potential for urban creep
  • – Value for money

Debate was wide ranging, reflective and detailed. At the end the Parish Council voted 7-1 against the scheme. The issue of local bus services weighed sufficiently heavily for one member, who wished to support residents who rely on public transport, to persuade him to vote in favour of the scheme. We are informed that the consultation period has been extended at least until the end of May. So it’s not too late to comment on the scheme using the Devon County Council website, or by writing a letter to the planning department at Devon County Council, or emailing to , quoting reference DCC 3846/2016.


We urge every elector in Ide to lodge a comment, whatever you view is on the scheme.