Tour of Britain

The Tour of Britain will pass through Ide at around 2.30pm on Friday 9th September.  For more information, see

Please note the following message from the race organizers:

As part of providing the race route for the Tour of Britain it is necessary to undertake parking suspensions at a number of key locations on the route.

Ide is one of the locations where we need to suspend parking to allow the races safe passage.

Parking suspensions on the day will run from 09:00 to 15:40  on the day along both sides of Fore Street and High Street  as far as Pynes Farm. Advance warning signs will be in place for the parking suspension and cones will be put in place on the morning. Civil Parking Enforcement Officers will be checking the route periodically to ensure it is clear. Vehicles that park within the suspension will risk either receiving a parking ticket or it may be necessary for some vehicles to be towed.