Wildflower Meadows 8.00pm September 11th in Ide Memorial Hall

There will be a Wildflower Meadow talk by Audrey Compton
at 8.00pm September 11th in Ide Memorial Hall

Audrey has worked on the land for most of her life and runs a farm near Chudleigh. She specialises in preserving and establishing wild flower meadows and gives advice to gardeners and farmers on how to do this. This talk has been organised in response to the loss of wildflower meadows nationally, about 97% have been lost over the last 60 years. Wildflower meadows are a great home to bees and insects. Can we  establish some areas of wildflowers here in our parish—whether a small patch in your garden or a larger area somewhere in the village? This  talk has been organised in conjunction with the Parish Council’s Climate Emergency Working Group(CEWG)
Andy Bragg, CEWG