The committee members are Ben Ervine, chair, Rachel Herbert and Mark Thomas and Laura Bell attended by the clerk, Mel Liversage

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Commenting on Planning Applications

The planning process allows for members of the public to comment upon planning applications, and these comments, or ‘representations’, provided they are valid, are taken into account by the Local Planning Authority (Teignbridge Council). Ide Parish Council is a ‘Statutory Consultee’ in the planning process, meaning that it is formally requested by the Local Planning Authority to comment on planning applications within the boundaries of the parish. The Parish Council does not have the power to grant or refuse planning permission, but Teignbridge DC is required to consider its comments.

To comment on a planning application as an individual you can visit the Teignbridge ‘Planning Portal’ at or write to Teignbridge District Council (Forde House, Brunel Road, Newton Abbot. TQ12 4XX), or email You will need to quote the planning application reference number.

Your comments can support or oppose an application, or they can merely be comments.

Material and/or planning-related grounds for objecting to an application include:
• Adverse effects on the residential amenity of neighbours; overlooking, loss of privacy, loss of light, loss of views
• Noise and disturbance (excluding that taking place during the period of the execution of works)
• Over-development of the site, especially if it involves undue loss of garden land or the open aspect of the neighbourhood.
• Adverse visual impact (design, being out-of-scale or out of character with its surroundings)
• Adverse effect of the development on the character of the neighbourhood.
• Adverse effect on local infrastructure (traffic, parking, services)
• Flooding issues
• Negative impact on biodiversity
• If in a Conservation Area, adverse effect of the development on the character and appearance of the Conservation Area, and if near a Listed Building, adverse effect of the development on the setting of the Listed Building.

Also, given that Teignbridge DC, and above it Devon County Council, have declared a ‘climate emergency’, impact on carbon emissions of any planned development are also valid considerations.

Planning procedure is ‘policy-led’. This means that Local Planning Authorities make decisions based on the planning policies in place at any given time. These policies are largely contained within the ‘Teignbridge District Council Local Plan 2013-2033’, and also within the “Ide Neighbourhood Plan”.

Both of these documents are easy to find on the internet via any search engine/googling. It is advisable, if you can, to include references to specific policies within those two planning documents in order to support your arguments.

Ide Neighbourhood Plan MADE VERSION, September 2018