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Asset register of public land and buildings March 2023



2021 Agar Accounts

AGAR Govenance statement March 22

2022.04 Ide PC AGAR IA Report

DV0197 S3 External auditor report 

Internal Auditor report 2022 v2 Ide PC report

Asset register of public land and buildings

Statement of Internal Control 2022 Page 1

Statement of Internal Control p2 2022






certificate of exemption

2021 Ide PC AGAR IA report

Annual Governance Statement.jpeg

Accounting statement.jpeg

2021 bank reconcillation

Explanation of variances 2021

Annual internal Audit report by Alison Marshall April 2021


notice of public rights

Asset-register-of-public-land-and-buildings (1)

Statement of Internal Control y e 31 March 2021 signed