Temporary prohibition of through traffic and parking


Please be advised that circumstances and weather permitting, South West Highways will be undertaking essential highway maintenance works on behalf of Devon County Council, on 31 August 2016.  Please be aware however that the date may still need to change at short notice.

The works will involve essential Surface Patching works in the highway prior to the Tour of Britain.  In order to carry out these works, a road closure and diversion will be in place, the route being via the A30, A38 and vice versa.

Work generally will be undertaken between the hours of 19:00 and 07:00, although these times may vary.

For additional information contact South West Highways Customer Liaison Officer 01404 821500


Tour of Britain

The Tour of Britain will pass through Ide at around 2.30pm on Friday 9th September.  For more information, see http://www.tourofbritain.co.uk/

Please note the following message from the race organizers:

As part of providing the race route for the Tour of Britain it is necessary to undertake parking suspensions at a number of key locations on the route.

Ide is one of the locations where we need to suspend parking to allow the races safe passage.

Parking suspensions on the day will run from 09:00 to 15:40  on the day along both sides of Fore Street and High Street  as far as Pynes Farm. Advance warning signs will be in place for the parking suspension and cones will be put in place on the morning. Civil Parking Enforcement Officers will be checking the route periodically to ensure it is clear. Vehicles that park within the suspension will risk either receiving a parking ticket or it may be necessary for some vehicles to be towed.

Pynes Farm Yard

There is a Parish Meeting on Thursday 8th September at 6pm in the Memorial Hall.  The agents for the owners, The Church Commissioners, will present their preliminary proposals for the development of Pynes Farm Yard. There will be a question and answer session open to all residents of Ide.

Goals on The Green

The Parish Council has purchased a pair of netted football goals  to be placed on The Green. We hope they will be up and ready for  action  over the next few days.

Play area update

Good news, the small play area at the school is now open.

We are still trying to get funding for more improvements.

Closure of fore street, hopefully not so bad afterall.

Further information from South west water…

Hi Rose

The team have visited site and have managed to rectify the damaged pipe using no dig techniques. They will be back to clean the line and install the liner later in the week continuing into next week, weather permitting. They will be carrying out the lining works under Give and take to allow traffic to use the road (as agreed with DCC), however if this can’t be achieved due to unforeseen circumstances the road will have to be closed.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Many thanks

Emily Taylor

Streetworks Coordinator

Fernworthy House, Peninsula Park, Rydon Lane, Exeter, EX2 7HR

Email: h5ostreetworks@southwestwater.co.uk

road closure

It’s not really very informative but for what it’s worth, here is the official notification of the road closure.

Road Closure July 2016 160401 TTRO1614997 On Site Notice

DCC have said the houses in Fore Street will receive a letter from SWW and a board will go out on site 7 days before the closure to advise  anyone else.

we will post any further information as it becomes available. Anyone with concerns should contact SWW using the details below.



Ide Fore street closed between 04/07/16 – 29/07/16

A reminder that Fore street will be closed in July for repairs to the sewer.

This has been in Ide times and on our web site for some time.

The parish council have asked that all villagers should be written to, but it seems only those on fore street will be notified directly.

There will be signs for 7 days beforehand.

Road closure application for Ide

Please be advised that I have applied for Fore Street and Old Ide Lane, Ide to be closed between04/07/16 – 29/07/16 inclusive to carry out essential works to the sewer. If you have any queries regarding this closure please do not hesitate to contact South West Water on 0344 346 2020.

Many thanks

Emily Taylor
Streetworks Administrator
Fernworthy House, Peninsula Park, Rydon Lane, Exeter, EX2 7HR
Email: h5ostreetworks@southwestwater.co.uk
Tel: 01392 443814



News update from Cllr Alan Connett
T: 01626 638102
M: 0784 301 3705

Friday 27 May 2016

The controversial park and ride plan for Ide, near Exeter, has been withdrawn by Devon County Council.
Local county councillor Alan Connett asked the council earlier this week to look again at whether it should press ahead with the unpopular proposals.
The decision to withdraw the proposals, which were also decisively rejected in a rare Parish Poll of residents in Ide, was made yesterday.
Ide Parish Council also opposed the park and ride, although Teignbridge District Council supported it.
The county council says it will now continue working on the proposals, which it sees as an essential part of Exeter’s growth plans, and may resubmit a planning application at some point in the future.
Cllr Connett said:

“I am grateful the county council has withdrawn this proposal. There were so many questions about the evidence base the county council put forward and concerns not only from residents but also Highways England, which oversees the country’s national road network.
However, the plan isn’t completely off the table as the county council says it will continue to work on proposals for a park and ride at Ide/Alphington and may put in a new application at some point.
Local residents have worked very hard to examine and question the evidence put forward with this application and challenged the council’s assumptions and information.
The decision whether to approve the application was due to be made by the county council planning committee next month, but that was then put back to September.
I am pleased for the community that the application is off the table, at least for the foreseeable future.”

Park and Ride news

The determination  date for the round field P&R scheme has been extended to 7 Sept 2016, to allow time for the issues to be examined.

The feedback from all contributors is public and can be viewed at https://planning.devon.gov.uk/PlanDisp.aspx?AppNo=DCC/3846/2016 there is a great deal of interesting content including feedback from DCC.

Also we have received a response to the points raised by Ide Parish Council, as follows…

1. No bus lane on main roundabout – there are no plans to include a bus lane on the circulatory of the roundabout – it was clear this was of significant concern to local residents so we have removed it from the proposals – as discussed at the meeting there will be no change to the number of vehicles approaching the A30 junction from the C50 direction and the Park and Ride will remove a proportion of the right turning traffic from the A30, leaving the A30 from the motorway direction (instead parking at the Park and Ride). The bus lane would start on Alphington Road and continue inbound to just short of Alphington Cross. The bus lane can be achieved without removing the treeline and retaining an inbound and outbound all-traffic lane.
2. Speed limit along whole C50 – with the new roundabout proposed for the village, we are proposing a 30mph gateway, passing through the new junction for Ide and up to Polehouse Lane. It would then be 40mph through the new roundabout for the Park and Ride and across the A30 junction to Alphington Road (subject to Traffic Regulation Orders being approved).
3. More cycle lockers in car park – these can be accommodated but there will be some minor loss of parking
4. Lighting along cycle route via Clark’s Pond and Crabb Lane – consistent with sections of the Exe Estuary, which pass through rural, sensitive locations, we are likelyto include lighting on the underpass but no lighting for the rest of the route to minimise ecological / environmental impacts.
5. Obtain accident data for Pocombe Bridge junctions [there are two] – http://www.devoncctraffweb.co.uk/public/collisionmap.html You can look up collision datavia this web link
6. Make cycle route along Green Route, currently a footpath, parallel to A30 on north side – we are still looking at this option along with 7) however, there are concerns about how a safe crossing may be achieved.
7. Better access to [Old] Ide Lane by cycles off main roundabout.”