Parish Council

The parish council of Ide is made up of 9 elected volunteer councillors including a Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer. In addition the council employs a clerk who is responsible for all minutes, correspondence etc. Councillors are normally elected for 4 years.

Meetings are bi-monthly, and include a 10 minute period where members of the public can address the council. Dates of meetings and the agenda are advertised in coronation gardens, in Ide times and on the village website and calendar. The minutes of each meeting are available on this website.

The main activities of Ide Parish Council include:

Setting the annual precept (local rate) to cover the Council’s running costs including expenditure on staff, administration, buildings, public lighting, amenity areas, grants, capital projects & the annual production of accounts for public accountability.

Liaison with the local police and Neighbourhood Watch on crime, security and traffic issues.

Scrutiny and comment on planning applications within the parish, submitted to the local planning authority, Teignbridge Borough Council.

Initiation of capital projects to improve the environment, appearance and amenities within the village.

Maintenance, repairs and improvements to parish facilities including recreational areas, public spaces and cemetery.

Liaison with other local authorities on the maintenance, repair and improvement of highways, drainage, footpaths, cycleways, public transport, street cleaning, conservation matters including trees and listed buildings, & environmental issues.

We operate on a small budget and many of the services we provide are funded by grants and other external sources.
There is a parish fund which has given assistance to numerous groups and projects in the village.
We recently helped obtain a defibrillator in the village, and we are in the process of setting up new equipment in the play area.

Other websites that may be of interest include:

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