1st May 2013.

Teignbridges approval of our proposal to proceed with our Neighbourhood Plan.


August 2013. 2 new members of the Steering Group – Sue Cloke &

Roger Luscombe


June 2013.

Advertisement in the Ide Times inviting any parishioner who would like to become involved and help the existing team of 3 parish councillors formulate the Neighbourhood plan to contact our Parish Council Clerk, Rose Saunders,

by 15th June 2013.

1st May 2013.

Teignbridge”s approval of our proposal to proceed with our Neighbourhood Plan.


25th March 2013.

Meeting At TDC. Discussed designated area, funding, and advised about expanding team to include parishioners. We were also supplied with booklets giving advice about developing neighbourhood plans. We presented our first draft of the questionnaire. On 26th March, Darren Summerfield responded by letter explaining that our questionnaire needed to be more specific and provided us with some examples of neighbourhood plans in progress together with further useful booklets and a copy of Teignbridges Local Plan.

1st March 2013.

Poster of our intention is displayed in the Community Shop.

Appendix 3.

Response from Darren Summerfield, Teignbridge Senior Planner, confirming receipt and supplying posters advertising our intentions and requesting any parishioner responses by 22nd April 2013. Invitation to meet his team in order to briefly outline the process and impart help on 25th March 2013.

2nd Steering Group Meeting during which we discussed a questionnaire and agreed to devise one under specific headings in preparation for our meeting at Teignbridge.



21st February 2013.

Following the January Parish Council Meeting, an official request to develop our Neighbourhood Plan is sent to Simon Thornley at Teignbridges Strategic Planning Department.



January 2013.

1st. Steering Group Meeting during which we discussed :-

Our decision to proceed with our NP.

That the area involved should include the whole parish and not just Ide Village.

The need to consult the Electoral Register to determine the number and names of the parishioners who would be involved.

Draft a letter/poster explaining our intention and describing what neighbourhood planning is about, this to be published in Ide Times and displayed in the Community Shop.