16 Sept 2020 IPC meeting Agenda final

IPC Agenda Extraordinary meeting 9 September 2020 final

IPC Agenda 15 July 2020

IPC Annual Agenda 13 May 2020

IPC Regular Agenda 13 May 2020

IPC Agenda Extraordinary meeting 20 April 2020

IPC Agenda Extraordinary meeting 25 March 2020 (Cancelled)

IPC Agenda 18 March 2020

IPC Agenda 15 January 2020

Transparency Code and Standing Orders:

In December 2014, the Department for Communities and Local Government issued the “Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities” (those with annual turnover not exceeding £25,000) to make information available to local people to increase democratic accountability.

The publication of Agendas and Minutes of Parish Council meetings is a requirement of the code.

Standing Orders IPC adopted 25 July 2018

If you require any documents not included in these pages, please contact the Parish clerk ideparishclerk@gmail.com.